Collectively Building Visions One System At A Time

The Collective Flo support and serve online Business Coaches and creative CEOs who are experiencing rapid growth by establishing the next steps needed to scale their vision with clarity and confidence.

Through collective time-saving operational systems and strategic planning, we support VISIONARY LEADERS using innovative team growth and client acquisition tools. By building a strong partnership with TCF, our coaching and creative clients will help twice as many people.

"Successful businesses are only as strong as the systems they are built on."

I'm Yolanda!

I am the Chief Operating Strategist slaying systems and workflows at The Collective Flo, LLC.

I specialize in strategically bringing together all of the moving parts of  your growing  business.

It can be a bit challenging for CEOs to focus on the big picture when they are continually inundated with the day-to-day operations.

As the CEO, you should be able to take a day or two off without worrying about your business, right?

I sincerely believe there are at least ten solutions to a single problem. Even if there are only two solid ones — we have the power to create the other eight.



Systems are the backbone of any thriving and successful business. When your backend is in check, your profits are in check and your clients are happy. 

You are doing “ALL THE THINGS” in your business and trying to get a grip on all of the new business flooding in. It’s an AMAZING thing when business is good. But not cool to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to BE ALL THE THINGS, unsuccessfully.

Now you are totally OVERWHELMED and feel as though you are caught between a rock and a hard place…

"Organizations won't execute well when they don't prioritize well." - unknown

Welp. I am here to tell you that you don’t have to do it alone! 

I’m not telling you that you have to hire a team, if you’re not ready, just yet. I am giving you something better!

My signature service “The Collective Flo” lays the foundation for:

The Client Experience

Team Expansion

CEO Cloning

You will not be left wondering what to do next!

I help SIMPLIFY your client acquisition process in a way that you are able to focus on getting in front of new people on a consistent basis.

I am constantly hearing…

"My business is growing and I don't know what to do next! I feel as though I'm wasting time trying to do it all myself!

What else do you wanna know about


I am married  and Mama to my heartbeats,  — Trenton and Kelly, an American Bully named Paris, and a fish named Bleu. They are my reasons to push through and rise above the noise of mediocrity.



Myers Briggs



Individualization, Developer, Strategic, Arranger, Analytical

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