Strategic Business Plan


Your business is growing FAST...


You have worked hard to get to this point.

As with any growth, comes new challenges. Some of these challenges may include:

  • How to implement the tons of ideas moving around in your head
  • Your current system(s) can no longer accommodate your business growth
  • You don’t have a team and you’re doing ALL-THE-THINGS working IN your business and not ON your business.
  • You have a team but still feel as though you are being pulled in different directions
  • You have decided you would rather stay in your zone of genius and not be involved in the day-to-day mayhem of operations

You’re feeling kinda stuck…

You need a plan!

Strategic Business Plan

This is a solid play-by-play business strategy that:

  • Helps you to gain Clarity, Direction, and a Plan for your business
  • Aligns you with your Mission, Vision, and Core Values
  • Eliminates the guesswork of projects by breaking them down into manageable and actionable tasks 

Who It’s For:

  • This intensive is ideal for the leader who is struggling with knowing the next step to take to reach their goals.
  • This is for you if you find yourself constantly working ON your business and not having the time to focus on what you love doing in  your business. 
  • This is for you if you do not know WHAT or HOW to delegate administrative tasks.

This Intensive Includes…

  • 3-Hour strategic deep-dive into your business’s mission statement, vision, and core values using the Strategic Mapping Model™ (1:1 recorded Zoom session)
  • Defining your goals for the year across seven core areas of your business.
  • Prioritize specific projects based on your overall vision and goals over the next quarter
  • Customized 90-Day Plan of the entire strategic plan delivered on customized Quarterly Business Trello Board within 3 days of the conclusion our 1:1 session 

How will you benefit…

  • You will gain clarity and direction over the course of your business
  • You will receive a solid strategic plan that you can either implement on your own, with your team, or with me 
  • You will be able to focus your time, energy, and resources on other aspects of your business because you have prioritized all the things on the backend
  • You will have the structure and strategy with built-in timelines required to help you grow and scale your business

Investment: $1500

How This Works...

Step 1

This is an opportunity for me to get to know your business a little bit. Once we have determined we would like to work together, you’ll receive additional information to move forward to your strategy session.

Step 2

Together, we will dive deep into your business to get a feel of where you are in your path towards success. This is where we put the pedal to the metal!

Step 3

Together, we will have crafted a clear action plan ready for implementation. It is always my goal to leave you with the clarity you need to show up confidently as the CEO you are.

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