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Hey, girl, hey!

Let’s get real for a minute…

You have been bootstrapping and piecing together a “system” in an effort to mange your clients and provide quality service.

You finally decide to invest in a software that can take your client woes away. This software will do EVERYTHING for you! All you have to do is set it up.

You thought it would be easy peasy, right? Not!


I specialize in CRM Management and Dubsado is my absolute CRM software of choice!

You do not have to waste time figuring out all the nitty-gritty details of how a CRM like Dubsado works — leave that to me!

Tell me if any of these describe you...

  • You want to keep track of QUALIFIED leads
  • You want to grow a TEAM
  • You’ve decided to give Dubsado a try but you are FRUSTRATED and OVERWHELMED trying to set it up yourself
  • You want to outsource your Dubsado setup so you can focus on your zone of genius
  • You’re getting a constant stream of new clients, but dropping the ball and missing appointments with current clients
  • You’re spending too much time sending the same emails and documents over and over again​
  • You’re struggling on where to focus your time and energy

If, yes, then no worries!

We can hop on a call to get you in the right direction!

How I Can Help


As your Dubsado Bestie, I can help you:

  • Use your Dubsado platform right away without the overwhelm and lost time
  • Sreamline your Lead Capture Process
  • Send Proposals, Contracts, and Invoices in a snap
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Free up TONS of time and energy with a Super Sexy Onboarding System that will blow your client away
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Dubsado is...

An amazing platform that can give your clients a seamless, branded customer experience, but only if you spend the time to get it set up.

Otherwise, it’s just an overblown invoicing system.

Dubsado is a complete Customer Relationship Manager that allows coaches and creatives to automate all aspects of the on-boarding and off-boarding tasks. This frees up your time and takes away the stress of trying to remember where each client is in the process.

The Dubsado CRM is perfect for any business owner in the creative industry (coach, website designer, event planner, photographer, or graphic designer to name a few) or professional business service providers such as attorneys.

The biggest advantage of building out your Dubsado software correctly is you can transition from solopreneur to a full-blown agency or group coaching business model. 


The Strategy

You KNOW you need a system in place to better serve your current and potential clients. You just don’t know where or how to start.

“The Strategy” session is a 90-minute Zoom recorded call that allows us to:

Deep dive into YOUR business

Map out your workflows

Get acquainted with Dubsado

Q&A Session


Investment $249

The Ultimate Dubsado

This service is PERFECT for the solopreneur who is looking to grow a team.

90-minute Workflow strategy

2 Custom Workflows

Up to 3 customizable forms

Up to 3 questionnaires

12 Canned emails/prompts

Payment setup

Calendar Integration 

Client Portal Setup

15 days Post-Service Support

*Must-have “GROWING-YOUR-BIZ” Integrations

Investment $1299

How This Works...

Step 1

Schedule your Complimentary Discovery call. You will tell me about your biz baby and we’ll see if we’re a good fit for one another.

Step 2

Once we have established your biz needs and desired outcome, I will submit to you a Proposal that outlines the service that best fits.

Step 3

We will crush out YOUR Dubsado Power Strategy by mapping out your systems and workflows. You relax and focus on your biz while I build out your Sexy System behind the scenes.

Step 4

This is the final walkthrough of your NEW system. Once your setup is complete, I’ll show you around your new system. You will also receive digital instructions and best practices to fully optimize your system.

Systems Can Be Sexy!

Super Sexy System:

– increases productivity!

 saves HOURS of time!

– makes you money!


What My Clients Are Saying:

“Yolanda is 100% made to do this! As a business owner, my biggest value is time. She saved me several hours of trying to figure out Dubsado between the workflows, forms, projects, payment schedules, etc. My request was not as simple as most and she made it happen! Because she put everything together for me, I immediately started implementing this system and it has been a total game-changer. Everything is in one place!! Yolanda is an absolute pleasure to work with. She communicated frequently, was so helpful, gave me feedback when I had questions and was overall so much fun! I highly recommend her. Thank you, Yolanda!!”

~ Jaime T., Website/Graphic Designer

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