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I suspect you're HERE because you're looking for high level operational support that closes the gap between your ideas and bringing them to life.

This will MASSIVELY drive your business to the next level.

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I help entrepreneurs experiencing hyper-growth partner with me to build solid TEAM and operating systems that are scalable for THEIR business.
Yolanda J Rumph
Founder/Team Infrastrucutre & Operations Strategist

I'm Yolanda and my Super Powers Are...

Strategic Guidance

- I serve as the BRIDGE between the YOUR ideas and the implementation
- Provide strategic value and input by utilizing the Strategic Mapping ModelTM
Work with bookeeper on financial goals and projections
- So much more!

HR + Team Management

- End-to-End Hiring
- Manage Team Performance
- Liasion bewteen CEO and team
- Lead weekly, monthly, quarterly team meetings
- Ensure the team is healthy, functional, communicative, and cohesive

Project/Launch Management

- Create detailed project plans and manage day-to-day projects, launches, and special events while staying on budget
- Ensure all operational processes are properly documented and easily accessible to the team
- So much more!

How You Can Work With Me...

You may not be in a space where you can hire a full-on Director of Operations. As your Fractional DOO, I will provide support as your business strategic partner to ensure your business, team, and launch operations are running smoothly.

I help you to align your business, team and launch support with the mission, vision, and core values of your business. It is always my goal to leave you with an actionable plan to achieve your goals on your terms.

The Mission

The Collectiveflo, LLC ‘s mission is to help established entrepreneurs with small teams confidently scale using team optimization solutions that promote high performance and engagement starting with the onboarding process.

At The Collectiveflo, LLC, I believe people are the most valuable assets that are integral in scaling a business. I believe that if you have the right systems (people) in place functioning in their true zone of genius, you have the secret sauce that will propel you to the next level.

The Collectiveflo, LLC – Collectively Building Team Culture One System at a Time.



Myers Briggs



Individualization, Developer, Strategic, Arranger, Analytical