Our Mission

The Collective Flo, LLC partners with established small to mid-size B2B service providers experiencing hyper-growth to build and optimize their organizational structure and people. My services are designed to enable leaders to operate with a comprehensive strategy that provides empowerment and support to their teams. 

Through a collective of human capital, time-saving operational systems, and strategic planning, I bring the accountability factor required to up-level their agencies.

At The Collective Flo, LLC, I equip my clients with the appropriate team onboarding systems necessary to anticipate business growth, build leaders, and promote positive team culture. 

Growing leaders from within

I partner with you to build leaders by providing the strategy, plan, and resources to build a sustainable high-performing team using my signature The Collective F.L.O. methodology.

Your Vision To Impact

You have a VISION.

You want to make an IMPACT.

As the leader, you should feel SUPER confident your team is able to handle the daily ebbs and flows of the business. I mean, you should be able to take a day off or start a new project on a whim without worrying your business will crash and burn, right?

There are at least ten solutions to a single problem. I sincerely believe an ecosystem of the right people and systems are part of those solutions. 

You can’t reach the masses if you’re stuck in other ‘ish.

Tell me if any of these describe you...

If you answered 'YES' to any of these statements, then no worries! We can hop on a call to get you in the right direction!

Time Is Money!

Let’s keep it all the way real!

Closing sales and increasing market visibility are among the top priorities for CEOs and business owners.  The more time you spend in the trenches of your operations, the more money you can lose in potential sales. 

The Collective Flo, LLC can help you to stay ahead of the game by putting team processes and systems in place to ensure steady flow in your operations. 

How You Can Work With Me...

The Collective "Team Ops"

You may not be in a space where you can hire a full-on Director of Operations. As your Fractional Director of Operations, I will provide support as your business accountability partner to ensure your business and team operations are running smoothly.

The Collective "Strategy"

I help you to align your business operations and team support with the mission, vision, and core values of your business.  It is always my goal to leave you with an actionable plan to achieve your goals on your terms.

Hey, I'm Yolanda!

I am an Operations and Team Growth Consultant for established small to mid-size B2B service providers that are experiencing rapid growth in their businesses.

As leaders, you are already making a gazillion decisions a day to make sure you are delivering quality service to your clients. Oftentimes, the decisions you need to make about your team fall to the bottom of the totem pole or get looked over altogether.

Now that you are experiencing growth in sales and visibility, you do not want to neglect the importance of a strong “people” system. 

With over 20 years of team & project management in various operational capacities, I bring leadership and team organization to my client’s businesses. I help leaders create a healthy and operational team culture.

I am beyond excited that you are here because it’ll be my pleasure to help you flex your “people” system. 



Myers Briggs



Individualization, Developer, Strategic, Arranger, Analytical