The Collective Flo partners with digital marketing agencies that are experiencing rapid business growth by providing operational clarity, direction, and team management support. In short, I’m your right-hand executive support who helps you to align your team onboarding system using low-touch automation.

Through a collective of human capital, time-saving operational systems, and strategic planning, your onboarding system can provide the accountability factor required to uplevel your agency. By building a strong partnership with TCF, my clients are able to help twice as many people.

"Successful businesses are only as strong as the systems they are built on and the people who built them."

Meet Yolanda!

Yolanda J. Rumph is the Chief People Operator slaying systems and workflows at The Collective Flo, LLC.

With over two decades of experience within the operational capacities, both private and corporate, Yolanda has been the subject matter expert for building out team support programs that aligned with the overall mission and vision of the stakeholders. She understands we live in an ever-changing digital ecosystem and designs new-hire onboarding systems to anticipate change in trends. 

With any trend, business growth spurts often occur when there is a change in the demand for a specific service or product. Yolanda has encountered agency owners, particularly startups, who have experience hyper-growth in their companies but have realized they don’t have the man/woman-power to support and keep up with the demand. They find themselves doing all the things to stay afloat, which often leaves them not devoting enough time to their hiring and team onboarding process.

As a Fractional Director of Operations, Yolanda specializes in Team Growth and Client Experience. She is committed to bringing the highest ROI when it comes to finding and attracting the right candidates for your agency. She takes it a step further to ensure higher team retention when she created the New-Hire F.L.O. Onboarding Blueprint system for B2C Digital Marketing Agencies. The onboarding process of new team members is one of the most critical processes in growing and maintaining a healthy work culture in your business.

Onboarding your new team members should be an exciting event — not a stressful or manual process that causes you to cringe just thinking about it.

I help SIMPLIFY your team acquisition process in a way that you are able to focus on staying in front of new people on a consistent basis knowing you will have a kick-ass team supporting you.

I am constantly hearing…

"I am spending a big chunk of my time hand-holding new team members longer than I anticipated doing."

"I know I needed to hire, like yesterday. I just don't have the bandwidth to focus all of my attention on growing a solid team."

"New team members are ghosting me after a few weeks and I find myself back at square one searching for new team members."

My signature service “The Collective Team Ops F.L.O.” lays the foundation for building your team by:

Forming your team foundation

Laying out your team framework

Optimizing relevant resources

This Done-With-You service is perfect for you if you’re wanting to up-level your new-hire onboarding process with or without an existing team. You will not be left wondering what to do next.

What else do you wanna know about


I run a household family of four humans, an American Bully, and a fish named Bleu. I am a lover of coffee (my Starbucks baristas get excited when I change my selection up every once in a while). I will travel for amazing food experiences (pre-covid). I am a huge Marvel and Anime fan (thanks, Man-child).

It lights my soul to see the A-Ha moment on my clients’ faces at that moment when everything makes sense.



Myers Briggs



Individualization, Developer, Strategic, Arranger, Analytical