The Collective Flo, LLC ‘s mission is to help established entrepreneurs with small teams scale to their next level by optimizing their team performance and engagement starting with the onboarding process.

The most unique thing about what I offer my clients is that I am able to leverage my experiences as a Certified Director of Operations and Certified Launch Manager so that I am equipped to bring relevant strategy that supports internal day-to-day operations and external collaborations that includes course/program launch projects.

At The Collective Flo, LLC, I believe people are the most valuable assets that are integral in scaling a business. I believe that if you have the right systems (people) in place functioning in their true zone of genius, you have the secret sauce that will propel you to the next level.

The Collective Flo, LLC – Collectively Building Team Culture One System at a Time.

"Successful businesses are only as strong as the systems they are built on and the people who built them."

Meet Yolanda, a seasoned professional who has mastered the art of operational excellence and launch management. As a Certified Director of Operations and Launch Management, Yolanda’s expertise lies in the realm of streamlining team operations and enhancing overall team experience.

With a remarkable career spanning over two decades, Yolanda has honed her skills across diverse operational landscapes, ranging from the private sector to the corporate world. She leverages her expertise to support growing small businesses locally and virtually.

Yolanda recognizes the ever-evolving nature of our digital ecosystem and uses this foresight to design innovative new-hire onboarding systems. 

In Yolanda, you’ll find more than just a professional – you’ll discover a dedicated partner who is passionate about simplifying the team acquisition process. 




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Individualization, Developer, Strategic, Arranger, Analytical